Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dearest Margie: August 29 - 5 O'Clock

My Dearest Margie,

I hope my letter of this morning convinced you of my feelings and assured you that no matter what people say you will be the dearest thing to me I have. Darling, I was so worried when I got your letter that I almost hopped on a plane and flew out to you. Letters can't convey to you in strong enough words what you mean to me.

I received your letter at ten minutes to 9 and my panel was at 9. Well I was so scared that I wrote the letter up in front of the class while Don was giving his speech. I couldn't get it off soon enough and that explains why it was so sloppy, but I hope it carried to you what I feel and always will feel.

Margie dear, you're too fine to ever be a second fiddle to anyone and if people are saying I hung my pin on the rebound they had better watch out for me when I get back. Barb nor any other girl can hold a candle to you and I know you must believe me when I say you are the first and only girl I have really loved. I'm not bragging or rationalizing when I say she loved me. She did everything in her power to make me give her my pin those last two weeks. Even in her letters she was always hinting and I know that she felt that way until I wrote her that Sunday. Darling, if they say she threw me over you can say they're all wet. You were the one I loved when I left and you're going to be the one when I return for ever after. Just tell them to ask my close friend who I liked even before school ended and they will find out Barb was "second fiddle" even thought circumstances kept me from going out with the "one and only" until my last week. Guess who?

Your first letter after you got home was great and one again thank your Mother for me for the lovely note. If it's perfectly all right with her that you wear the pin, well naturally I am very happy and proud.

I am sure glad Smitty phones and took you out. He's a true friend and a great guy. I'll bet you both had a swell time although if you talked about that Hastings guy much it must have been awfully boring. It's sure swell to have friends that you can trust to take care of your girl friend and I certainly want her to be taken care of right. Only the best for "little pug."

I realize how you feel about my going out and it makes me very proud to have you look on me that way. Last night at our dance I had no yearning to attend as dancing without you wouldn't be dancing at all. At 10 I went down to the post office and got your letter and one from Traegerman and enjoyed the rest of the evening reading your letter over and over.

Boy but I wish I could have seen F. S. and B.M.O.C. Ellis (God's gift to T.N.E.) when they heard the news. We had an understanding all right but I think I'm the only one who understood it. Traegerman was thrilled no end and wrote me a very nice letter. He knows how I felt about Barb, tell the wolves to ask him. And if they hurt you in anyway or cast any aspersions they had better hide from the tornado from Chicago when he arrives because he won't mince words. As I said in my conscious is clear and I have done nothing with my other dates that I am ashamed of. I have stuck by my ideals. If they could sling mud by telling the truth I would have no right to get mad, but when they tell falsehoods they are liable to get my dander up. I have been like you in a large respect and some of the D.G.s used to get mad when I would take others out, so they might try to tell you I'm not the settling down type, but I will also show them, and you too Pug.

We have always been truthful with each other, so I have a confession to make. I have been sharing some of my time with a too charming campus queen. Not one mind you but two. I didn't think you would mind seeing you are so far away and I had to have someone I could love in the meantime. They're awfully cute and I just love to run my hands over their hair. Yes, they are two little squirrels and, Pug, I wish you could see them. I carry nuts over to them and Foremen told me how to call them. They just come hopping over the lawn and when they get near they sit and wiggle their noses. Then they hop around a couple of times to make sure I won't hurt them and finally come bounding over and eat the nuts in my hand. I get the biggest laugh out of it and I didn't think under the circumstances you would mind my sharing both of our love to them. You see everything I like now and enjoy I feel you would also be enjoying so it's not my love I give out but ours. All mind is yours so although the two pugs over on Campus don't know it, they are really being fed by two of us. And believe me, they are pugs too, maybe we had better include them in our corporation.

I'm having some pictures sent out to you of the training school. One is all of the delegates and the other is the faculty. A little later another one will arrive taken of the Supreme Council. They aren't any too good because my big mouth as usual dominates my face, but at least they will be remembrances of the day when I was one a big shot? in the fraternity.

Next time you see my folks, you might show them the pictures.

Well I must sign off and show the boys the town tonight, but as usual I will always be thinking of you and my good friend the breeze says he will whisper to you how very much I love you and if you want he will really blow in to Los Angeles and let the whole town know it.

All of my love darling,

Big Pug


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