Saturday, December 24, 2011

Darling Pug: August 20, 1940

Received - Salina, Kansas

Darling Pug:

I don't suppose I will have to tell you how I feel because if you love me like I love you, you will know what it is like. My real self has just stopped existing and my heart is with my pug nose dream someplace in Kansas. If I had of known it would have been this bad the first night I would have made you stay until Friday. Darling I'm just living in your memory and all I can think of is the cute little things you would do that would make my heart skip and lift me high in the skies. If I can feel like this when I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, what will it be like when I'm conscious again?

I just got through writing Mom and Dad a ten page letter this size paper. I have explained my love for you and I want them to get in touch with you as soon as possible. I can't wait for them to meet you. I told them about Chuck and how I didn't take you out when I first wanted to because of him. I told them about your trip and about the pin. I said you wouldn't wear it until you thought it was right (guess what I'm playing - M of Y). Also told them I had written Barb. The rest is up to you "Frecks" but I'm not worried.

Also wrote Kress and explained the deal. Told him you would be up and give him the ten bucks. Say, I forgot to give you more money, didn't I? It really was unintentional, I thought I could use the excitement as an excuse. I only have a ten so will you get it changed and send me the rest back right away. Have to have Zombie money you know. Found a girl that can drink 5 of them and it sort of keeps me low on funds. It's worth it though - wow!

Got a letter from Reynolds Smith and he wants to hear from you when you get home - go out with him some night. I'll tell him to take you out in the near future. I have to look after my "Pug". But don't let him drive fast, he's not any too good, and you had better not let him buy you a Zombie because although I trust him I remember that glint in your eye in the B.C. (don't mean it.)

Tobiee phoned him up and wanted to know all about you and me. That Tragerman guy must be working over time.  You won't have to worry about it getting around before you can put on the pin. Probably when you get off the train a perfect stranger will run up and say "have you heard about Alman and Hastings? Yes, it's true, she went back there and he's told off Bartlett, and now were just waiting for Chuck to get off the boat. It's just like something you read about." Oh well, cheer up butch, the worst is yet to come.

Smitty's phone is Wy2788.

I've got toothpicks holding my eyes open now. It's 20 minutes to 10. It took met two hours to write my letter home. How are the bags - whoops pardon me, I mean the relatives. It must be nice and restful after getting away from that Hastings guy. Don't see how you could take these late hours every night. It's hard to keep up with him because he can get along on three hours sleep a night and look just as fresh as a daisy the next day (a plenty dead daisy dear.)

Well I suppose I should close this so I can get it in the box by ten. But darling my song really is "I'll never smile again" because although I might smile around here for the boys and Al, it won't be the smile of happiness and contentment because I will really only smile that way again when I see you, and then I will feel like beaming all over.

Remember I love you always and I will have a nice long letter waiting for you at home. If there i any other place I can reach you before you get there send it to me.

Always yours,

1/2 Pug, Inc.

P.S. Al just gave me two, so I don't send ten.

P.S. P.S. I love you


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