Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dearest Margie: August 1, 1940

My Dearest  Margie,

That August 1 looks pretty good up there, but until I can put another 1 after it I won't be very happy But just think when it is the 11th I can take you in my arms and then as far as I am concerned time can just stand still. Do you suppose if I wrote Roosevelt and told him the situation he would change the time schedule to 120 minutes to an hour like he changed Thanksgiving? I think if he did I would have him elected again.

Say young lady, if you think I'm going to put our love on any mathematical basis when you get back here you are crazy. Once I get you in my arms I'm liable to never let you go. But maybe I had better not say that because I don't want to scare you from coming, and i you didn't come I think I would just start walking until I came to California. I hope you told your mother that everything will be alright as far as your living quarters are concerned, and that there are a number of very respectable places for you to stay. I want her to be able to put her trust in me, just like I want you to. I'll have everything arranged and then you can take the place you like best when you arrive.

About Barb. I think you are right, and that's what I intend to do. I have hardly written her at all and the letters have certainly been anything but complementary. Her letters are very short, just as mine are, and I am sure now there won't be any trouble in my telling her. I certainly am positive now than ever that that is all off just as I was when I told you, so please don't let that part worry you at all. My gosh I hardly know any other women exist since your letter saying you were coming, and if I even looked at one before that it was purely a platonic feeling. So see what you have done. But I love it, and you too by the way.

Cope and I had a swell time while she was here. I hope I sold her on the idea that I'm on the level, and that, that week of ours meant everything to us that we showed. It didn't exactly make sense to her and Flood I guess, but I think they realize now that we weren't kidding. We'll prove it to them and everybody else when I get back.

Got a letter from Traegerman today in which he asked me what it was all about. He can't seem to realize it happened all in a week either, because when I last talked to him I hadn't yet taken you out. He said he had talked to you over the phone.

Darline that last letter o yours was marvelous, (the one that you wrote Monday, so was Tuesday's) but I have only read it four times now. How do you do it, maybe when you get back here you can teach me how.

I think we might go to Kentucky this week and I hope so because it will make it go faster. You know that every night I go to bed just as early as I can, so the next day will get here sooner. I should be in good condition when you get here.

Say I'm glad to hear you're doing so good in school. To get an A from Erickson is all right, as a matter of fact it's damn good. I'm sure saving up the rewards for you, but for once the giver is luckier than the receiver.

Al just threw some water this way so please excuse the blurs.

I haven't heard from my family now for two weeks, so they might be in Balboa. Don't you worry about what they might think because they're swell about anything like that and don't have the least of suspicions. I can hardly wait to introduce you to them and I know they will be dying to meet you.

Please don't be mad at me about the pictures, but believe me I really had a hard time picking out which one to keep. I'll make up for the postage you spent when you get back. I feel guilty your spending so much for me.

That is really marvelous about your pictures with Desmonds and I'll be looking forward in pointing with pride to them and saying, "there is the girl I love" and then everybody will be jealous of me.

Maybe my next letter will be from Kentucky, but remember I love you just as much there or anywhere, and I'll be thinking of you always, and waiting for the day to see you again.



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