Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dearest Margie: July 30, 1940

Margie Dearest- 
Well two more days have passed but darn it they seem to go so slow. You will probably get mad at me for writing so many letters but it seems to help and then I like to get letters from you assuring me that everything’s alright and that your still coming.
I almost wrote yesterday because I found out that I probably won't get to Los Angeles until the first of December. If you weren't coming back I think I would have gone nuts when I heard that. Honestly it means so much to me to be able to see you soon. If I had to wait until December I know I would have gone into worrying about things and afraid that it would go on the rocks before we had a chance to try it. And especially before I had a chance to tell you again that I really meant it, that Wednesday night.
I enjoyed your card from the Grove. They'll be giving you a free life pass to that place pretty soon. Of course I won't mind if you let me be the one to escort you, but I might get a wee bit jealous if somebody else was the lucky party. But please don't let the atmosphere get you with somebody else in there and decide you were mistaken, because that would break my heart.
Heard from Flood today and he won't be through until September 15. I was hoping he would be there when you were here and we could have a great old get together, but I guess that will have to wait until I get to LA. They are going to make him work in a station after all, I'll bet he'll love that.  
In your last letter you said you would leave whenever it was best for me, either Sunday or Monday. Well I'm going to keep you here just as long as I can, and if you think it was hard keeping me from going that Wednesday night, just wait until I try to keep you from leaving. I won't be mean about it of course because I realize that you’re on a limited schedule, but I'm sure going to try and make it hard for you to want to leave. I hope I'm successful in making you feel like you did Wednesday night again, because that's what I want to do more than anything else.
Last night I sat out on the porch with just my pajamas on listening to all the recordings. It was a beautiful night out and I felt as though maybe you were sitting in LA thinking the same things I was, and wondering why the time couldn't pass just a little bit faster until that week and just stop.
I wrote a letter to my Senator or should I say our Senator, telling him I didn't like the idea of the compulsory draft and that if he wanted me to reelect him next year he had better have it defeated. I also told him that if it did pass I was going to run against him as Senator next year and that when I got my machine rolling he wouldn't have a chance. I guess that's telling him, huh. Do you think I scared him?  
I can hardly wait to write my short story but I think it will be much more effective if I wait. I'll let you in on one thing, though, it starts earlier than yours. It starts in the Westport Beach Club where you were talking with Flood. It was just about time to leave, but I remember staying because I liked to hear you talk, and I thought looked very nice, just the kind of person I had always looked for. But then I remembered that you and Chuck practically went steady, and I remember I left thinking that Chuck was a very lucky fellow. But that's just the beginning, I'll save the rest.
These letters must seem awfully dense and screwy to you, and I'm sorry there aren't any exciting things happening around here to tell you. So I'll write a puzzle and you can try and figure out what songs they are, and who they pertain to (I'll bet it will stump you) so,
I'll never smile again until August 11 when I get too romantic and find out again that I hadn't anyone till you and then it won't be because of the pale moon but because of the (you guess) that I'll be able to kiss in pug nose dream. (Only it had better not be a dream I'm going nuts on dreams now.) Not very good but it fills space, but strange to say all of those records you sent me certainly seem appropriate.
Well darling, I’ll go back to counting the hours and you go back to your studies and we both can be thinking of 10 days from now.
As always, My Love,
P.S. I'm still anxiously waiting the pictures and I'll send them back when they come. All except mine of course.


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