Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dearest Pug: August 29, 1940


I just got your special delivery letter and it was wonderful, but darling, I'm sorry if I scared you in anyway. When I quoted Lee Wilson I was just trying to put a little humor into my letter but I see now it wasn't very good. When I said you had me puzzled I was really just kidding like I am always doing. Pug dearest I love you more than anything else in the world and no matter what other people say I will always feel that way. Lee really thinks it is swell and so does every body else.

Darling this being away is going to be awfully tough on both of us as it will just be an incentive to make people talk. I'm sorry to hear Barb has started her campaign so soon, but when people say Bartlett knew we were over first they are just talking through their hats. I read you part of her last letter, but that was only the mild part. I know she loved me and she would have waited for me. But darling she wasn't the one and there never has been or never will be another. Just you.

Really Pug I can't express in words how much I love you and how worried I am that you think there is any doubt in my mind about it. The trouble in writing is that you can't tell exactly whether I'm serious or not so I'll try and be careful what I write. I'll always be truthful to you so maybe that was one reason why I was quoting Lee. But don't worry, anything that guy could say or anybody else just flows off me like water off a duck's back. My love for you is the deepest thing I have ever had and it always will be. I trust you and love you for what you stand for. As a matter of fact after I talked to Nelson I admired you all the more.

In my last letter I told you my whole life and ambition was centered in you. I meant that and I don't think I will really live again until I am with you. But please don't worry about other people talking and shaking that (my love) in any way. There is only one person I believe and that's my pug, but I'm really not worried because all the people I have talked to so far are all for us.

I am worried about what people will say there at home because people can be awfully catty, especially in a circumstance like ours. But no matter what they say about me, I have a clear conscious and the only reason they would say anything is just to have something to talk about. They can't hurt me, but I don't want them saying anything that might hurt you.

I know our love is above 90% of the people on that campus and our friends realize that, and they are the ones that really count. I don't need to repeat how much I trust you, and I only hope you trust me half as much and everything will be fine. One reason reason I love you so much is that I trust your judgement so much (sorta repeating myself you'll have to excuse this writing here in this letter but I'm so jumbled and worried that I can't write it fast enough and get it in the mail to you soon) and I know any think you do is going to be right.

Darling your letter expresses exactly how you feel and I want you to know I feel the same way. I could change the heading to my very dearest Margie and sign it Jim and you would have my ideas of how I feel towards you. One reason we love each other so much is that we are so much alike and share the same high ideals.

I'm glad you're wearing the pin and I want you to wear it always, even after I've bought the ring that I hope I can get soon. I know you can prove to everybody that this is the real thing and I can hardly wait until I get out there and help you prove it. Pug, everything I stand for is embodied in you, and you are going to always be my inspiration, my happiness and my life. You could take me I know only with this realization. Dearest ours is a real love, not one of just admiration and respect, although that plays the major part but there is more to it than that. You are a part of me and our love for each other is untouchable by anything petty and cheap. It goes way down to the core and I will always trust you even thought you're 20,000 miles away.

You are always in my mind because your my guiding star and please don't ever think again that I have any doubt as to who I love and who I want to marry. It will always be you and our love will be the finest and most ideal of any love.

Please take care of yourself and watch the cold. My world is in you now and I want nothing to happen to it. I'll write again tonight.

All my love and adoration,



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