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Darling Pug: August 23, 1940

I just got your letter so can mail this to SF instead of home

August 23, 1940


I know this letter will arrive before you get home but I miss you so much that I can’t help but write because it helps in a small measure to end the longing. I never realized it would be like this or I don’t think I would have let you leave. Honest Pug my whole life seems to revolve around you and to not be able to see you at night is just unbearable.

Your first letter was so marvelous I read it four times. That week was the closest to heaven I have ever gotten and I will always remember it. Even after you have thrown me over for the blond. (Funny I’m not really worried, maybe I should be but I love you too much for that.)

Darling your trust in me means too much to me that I will keep it always and will never do anything to shake it in any way. Our ideals and ideas are so much alike that I know we shall always be happy together, even after we have celebrated our Golden Anniversary. (Ye gods can’t you just see me that old) no hair and all bent over a cane, and you will probably be out spry as a fish playing with all the youngsters around 40.

I don’t know how I am going to spend these months without you, and once I get to the Coast I think I’ll just stay in your arms and to heck with the fraternity.

The Supreme Council held its first meeting today and I had to sit in on it. Al had to make his report and whenever anybody disagreed he would start to sulk. The way he has got those guys fooled just makes me boil. I sat there and sweated trying to keep myself from hopping up and blowing off about him. The way he holds their hands when he shakes them is too too divine. Someday Pug I’m afraid I’ll let loose. I almost did yesterday. We were at the All-Star banquet and Don and I were by the door when Harry Smith came in. I introduced Don but didn’t call Al over. Well he started to sulk because I didn’t introduce him and after the luncheon he raced down to the car and just sat waiting. All the way back to Evanston he didn’t say one word. I was just waiting for him to say something and if he had I was prepared to let him have it, about how silly it was for a man of his age to act like a child.

I’ve got to get out on the road quick or it’s going to be too bad for someone around there or here. I’ve put up with one thing already but if he continues to sulk I’m going to tell him he had better go back to Kansas and sulk with the cows.

I’m pretty busy now and Sunday I will be very busy with my panels, etc.

Saw Swirles the other night and the first thing he said was congratulations. Smith is also working over time. Frank also asked about Chuck and I told him. He said good, that he never did like Johnston. So Pug I guess we won’t have to worry about it getting around but I did ask him to say nothing of the pin, not for a while anyway. That is if you don’t change your mind and send it back. Please don’t.

Guess what – I love you, that’s just in case I never told you. This letter will sure be a “Blitz” to your ego, but you had better get used to it.

Got a letter from Flood today and he seems to be very pleased about the whole thing. His letter is rather pitiful in spots, however, because he has no inkling of what’s ahead of him. At least she left Seattle without marrying the guy so maybe Flood has a chance anyway. I’ll quote some of his letter but when you see him, don’t tell him I did, because when he hears from B.J., he won’t want anybody to know how he felt. Quote “sounds like you’ve found one to get along with much in the same manner that I get along with B.J. – (another paragraph) Don’t worry about Chuck, time takes care of everything. I’ve seen it work wonders in my case. Take it in stride as they come – time will do the rest. (Still another paragraph) Rite now I’m only interested in one thing – getting in a position to get married.” Sort of sad, isn’t it? Darn it but I hope B.J. changes her mind, but maybe its better for Flood if she doesn’t.

I wrote your Mother and I hope I worded it right. Of course, I didn’t leave out much in how I felt about you, but I just couldn’t help it.

During meeting today I didn’t hear anything said because all I could think about was you. I can’t wait for you and mom to get together and phone Smitty up, he’ll be expecting a call from you.

I didn’t think any gal could do this to me but I guess I just couldn’t resist your pug nose. It goes to good with mine just as does everything else about you. I love you always. I’ll write again Sunday – please write everyday because your letters are the only things that make my day bearable. As always, all my love is yours,

Big Pug


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