Friday, April 8, 2011

Dearest Margie: July 16, 1940

Dearest Margie:

The hardest part in writing these letters is the opening sentence, it’s hard to know what to say first. However, I did enjoy your note form The Grove, it was swell. I also supposed by now that you received my masterpiece from the Beachcombers. That just shows to go you that we both got the same idea at the same time, which ought to mean something. Ask the fortune teller what that means. I don’t really know how I wrote it, could you read it?

Tomorrow night we are going to try and get in the convention. I don’t know what luck we will have, but if I do get in I’ll have my camera and flashlight equipment and get some pictures. So far I haven’t had any developed so I don’t know how I am doing. I would be glad to send you a picture if I had one, but unless I can get a good one through my camera I don’t know what I can do. I’ll be looking forward to yours.

Our boys are doing fairly good in the “All Star” vote. Schindler is third but the fellows from Notre Dame and Loyola in Chicago are running away with it because there are a lot Catholics backing them up and there is a voting list I think in every church. Maybe I should be more religious but I guess it just isn’t in me. I guess I had better be careful what I say with your cousin in Notre Dame and you escorting the boy around when they are in LA. I’m sorry.

I don’t know for sure where my first trip is but it had better be to the coast because I have got to see you soon. What did you think of my idea of you and Cope coming up to San Francisco? I hope you do win the “pot of gold” be sure you keep listening. Or why don’t you just keep on winning more money over the radio by answering questions and you can put it all in a “get to Hastings” fund. Maybe for every two dollars you win I could add $0.50 or a dollar and help it along.

It’s still cold weather back here, and I’m starting to wish it would warm up. I sent home $66 today. $36 of it goes to the bank to pay off part of the hundred I borrowed to get back here and $30 in my savings account. Makes me feel pretty good about it.

The other night an SAE offered me a job selling insurance when I finished this job. It wasn’t the ordinary kind, but was to train me to be a district manager. However, I told him I didn’t like selling but thanks anyhoo.

Chicago is just mobbed for this convention and in town all the drunken delegates come up and ask you what state you are from. Of course, I proudly tell them California and they want to make me one of them.

(Awful writing) “His Favorite Wife” is playing here and I want to go and see it. I can almost sympathize with him. Maybe the picture will give me some good ideas. The only thing in my case is that the favorite one was not the first one, but the one I really knew only a week. Let me see now, what was her name – ah, yes, Alman – Margie Alman. By the way, if you should see her tell her I am thinking of her always.

Say that fortune teller is uncanny, I certainly hope she is right.

Darn but I wish it would warm up. I sure miss my swimming. The only exercise I get is walking to my meals, and bowling now and then. I had a 180 average the other night, which makes me feel pretty good. And, oh yes, I almost forgot, we went to the amusement park the other night and I spent all my money trying to dunk the duck.  After awhile I got so I could hit the target and it was marvelous to see them hit the water.

Well they’re waiting to go to dinner so, as always – and I do mean it-

All my love,



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