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July 10, 1940: Dearest Margie

July 10, 1940

Dearest Margie,

I received your letter today and felt like answering it right away. The fellows are waiting to go out to dinner but I don’t care. You’ll be the one that will get tired of receiving letters from me. This one makes three in three days, but I thought I had better write while I had the chance. And don’t you wait to hear from me every time you write because I could read three letters from you a day and then re-read them like I do now. Just write them every time you feel the urge and have the time.

Your last letter was swell, and I’m hearing ‘Nearness of You’ all day long, which means I’m thinking of you all the time. However, I don’t need the tune to remind me of you.

You hit the nail on the head when you said that if after one week, we feel the same in four months as we did then it must be real. Well the funny thing is that with me it’s growing more every day and I didn’t think it possible to miss you any more than I did when I left Wed night.

However I had better cut out the sentimental stuff or you’ll get tired of it, and then where would I be.
We’re having another tropical storm here that is drenching everything. I’m working hard, and Al said something today that my first trip will probably be to the coast I hope so.

Have you heard from Chuck? I imagine he’s having a great time. I hope Cope comes through here soon. I wonder how much a phone call to the coast would cost me. I’ve thought of doing it a number of times. I saw that Hastings guy around town and tried to convince him that you miss him, but he just went off into a haze. He said he couldn’t believe it, but told me if I should ever run across that Alman gal, to tell her he loves her.



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