Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Backstory: Zombie Drinks and the other boyfriend / girlfriend

Hi guys-

Just a little explanation...

First, a zombie is drink. Specifically, it's a fruit juice-and-alcohol concoction that Grandpa discovered in Chicago. Read more about the history here: Margie was a self described 'goody two shoes' who didn't drink - hence Jim's suggestion that she try one. I should clarify - she didn't drink YET. There is a fun family story involving Grandma, Pina Coladas, and a lisp in the Virgin Islands. But I digress.

Other characters in today's post include Barbara (Grandpa's current girlfriend) and Chuck (Grandma's current boyfriend AND Grandpa's good friend.) Flood was a friend of Grandpa's who was also traveling a bit at this time.




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