Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dearest Margie - July 1, 1940

1856  Sheridan Road, Evanston, Illinois

July 1, 1940

Dearest Margie,

I feel rotten that I haven’t had a chance to write you sooner but ever since arriving I have been very busy.

That first letter of mine was awful because the train was not very conducive to letter writing. However, now I can think better and maybe write better.

Your first letter (they just started playing ‘Memories of You’ - oh to be at the Grove) was swell and meant a great deal (can’t write with this music) to me. I feel the same way that you do. I always felt that something lacked in my other dates and I was looking for that certain someone. I had always wanted to take you out and now I am glad that I could before leaving. I wasn’t kidding in what I said because that week was marvelous for me. I only regret that it was only a week because as you said in your letter I wish we had more time to experience it. I feel as you do that when I get back we can really see, and I hope so much that it will go on and keep growing as we see more of each other. I have really missed you.

They have certainly made me feel at home here and today I really enjoyed my work. I am practically my own boss and I have my own desk and secretary to take dictation. The weather is swell and only thing wrong is that I’m so far away.

Cope called me from the station and she will be in Evanston in about 3 weeks. We’ll really have to see the town.

I might make a short trip to Kentucky in the middle of the month, I am not yet sure.

I also enjoyed your second letter very much and I was certainly surprised to get it. Don’t forget to send me a picture of you so I can put it up in my room. I told you in my other letter that I wasn’t sure how things went with Barbara just before I left. She was at the train and with my family there I didn’t have a chance to say much. I haven’t received letter from her yet.

I can’t seem to get used to unlined paper and I’m going all over the place. The weather is great back here now and I hope it can stay this way without getting too hot. Every body is going to summer school here and it seems funny not to be going. How are you doing in school?

Monday night I got your letter on the way downtown. We went to the Tropics which just opened in Chicago and is the latest rage. There I sipped a zombie and read your letter under the tropical atmosphere. I was quite nice.

You should enjoy yourself more when you go out. What will the fellows think? How is Worthington?

I’ll close this now so it can get out in the morning mail, but I’ll write the next good chance I get.

All my love,



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