Sunday, February 10, 2013

Darling Margie: August 30, 1940

Darling Margie,

Your letter telling me about everybody's reactions over the pin was choice. I wish too I could have been there and watched their faces. I'll bet that's about the biggest bombshell that has hit that campus, from  the social angle, in a long time. How are the Kappa Sigs as a whole taking it, and also the DGs? It's rather funny to hear the different reactions and I hope we didn't do it too suddenly and hurt anybody's feelings. I hope Chuck doesn't think I took advantage of him, but if he does you can tell him that I have also been away.

I was a little sorry to hear about Barb and I hope it isn't too much of a jolt to her. Of course it was her own fault for saying we were getting married when I got back because there never was that understanding and the engagement angle people are always talking about is plumb crazy. I know that your judgement is best and you can tell whether or not it was the right time. I hope so especially if Bartlett and Johnston have been talking. The trouble with us is that we worry too much about other people's feelings. I'm so proud of you I naturally want you to wear it and let everybody know it. There was bound to be talk either way and at least this way we can knock down anything Chuck + B try to say about our getting together on the rebound. I will be glad when you can get the jeweled pin and I hope Kress can engrave it like we want it.

I'm waiting anxiously for your letter tonight to tell me all about lunch with Mother. I know the two of you must have gotten along swell and I'm glad you were able to get together so soon. Also glad to hear you're going over for dinner with your Mother and Johnny. Sort of funny I can't be there the first night our parents get together darnit. They'll know your Mother and brother better than I do. Anyhoo it's marvelous hearing how it all comes out. Like reading a story only much better.

Say, I'm working on a great idea Pug. Chuck Falkenheimer, Pres. of the house, will probably be coming down to Fort Worth for the convention during Christmas vacation. He is going steady with a girl also named Marge and we're trying to work it so the three of you can drive down after Christmas. He will get his gas money paid by the fraternity and your expenses in Fort Worth would not be much and I would handle that.

He is pretty sure Marge can go and the two of you could get a room together and keep each other amused while we're busy. I won't consent to it unless I pay for the expenses because I realize how much the trip back here cost you. However with it being split three ways the expense won't be very great. What do you think - not a bad idea, huh, and we could spend New Year's together.

Last night we did the town up and I showed the boys all the sights. The places we hit where you and I had been drove me nuts and I didn't think I could want anybody so bad in my life. The trouble is that I feel that way every night and it just doesn't seem right that I'm not going home to you. Darling your letters are wonderful, I only wish I got two a day. Waiting every 24 hours is too hard and your letters seem to give me at least a little bit of you every day.

Schindler was the star of the football game, as you probably know by now. He made two touchdowns which isn't bad (I'm getting sloppy because I'm trying to get this in before my panel.)

Write me more of people's reactions because it's very amusing and I'm getting a terrific bang out of it. I have to sign off but will write again tomorrow. I haven't fed the two pugs yet today but when I do I'll give them your love.

Also if you see Margie tell her I love her with all my heart. I hear she is wearing somebody's pin, the lucky guy.

Until tomorrow,

All my affection,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dearest Pug: August 29, 1940

Dearest Pug,

Guess where? Yes that's right and it's driving me nuts. Just one of the spots I'm showing the boys but the memories it brings makes me just to want to stay here, close my eyes and think of that Sunday night of August 11th. We're taking in a lot of places but they all seem empty without my Pug. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then a short rest. The band is now playing the theme song and I'm completely lost, I wonder why? As always,

Love, Jim