Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dearest Margie: July 22

Dearest Margie,

You thought you were excited when you wrote me your coming but I can’t even eat, sleep or write. Boy or boy, but I think that is just about the most marvelous news I have ever heard. I am just going to be counting the days and hours until you arrive.

I’ll agree to any terms you desire, just to get you back and I know there are many nice places you can stay back here. Hop on the train Friday the 9th because the sooner you get back the better. Also I can meet you easier on a Sunday morning. Be sure and come then because we have our training school starting about 23rd of August and although it would be swell if you were back here then, I wouldn’t have as much time to be with you, and I want to be with you just as much as possible so if you can leave the 9th it will be wonderful.

I got your letter late last night and couldn’t sleep, lay awake just thinking of all the things we could do. The little note I am writing while eating breakfast so please excuse scribbling. I want to get this in the mail this morning, and I’ll write you a better one tonight.

Darling, please don’t spend too much money though and let me help out where I can. But just get back here, that’s all I ask and we’ll have a marvelous time.

I’ll write again tonight, so until then-

My Love,



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