Monday, May 23, 2011

The Backstory: July 20, 1940

Ah, this letter made me smile. In particular, I love this passage:

"Sounds like a story that happened to two people I know in Los Angeles. This was a little different but basically the same. They thought it was so good they would write a story about it. But it looks as though someone else beat them to it. However, they figured the ending out right so now all the two in Los Angeles have to do is wait for the ending to come out right, too. The boy might go crazy waiting but he is patiently waiting (not so patiently but that’s the way the story should sound), and going about his business in a far off city."

As I read this, I have to remind myself that my Grandparents were at the very start of their love story. When I do that, it helps me to appreciate my Grandfather's mindset - hoping so much that your dreams are fulfilled, with no guarantee that they would be. He shares quite candidly his desire for a happy marriage, children ("little pugs"), and a long life together. What makes this passage all the more sweet is reality. I don't know if either of my Grandparents knew just how lovely and charmed their life would turn out together. 67+ years of marriage, 3 sons, cherished daughters-in-law, 5 grandkids and 5 dogs are just some of the tangible accomplishments of a story grand enough simply in its own existence. 

I wonder, if my Grandfather did hear the ending of their love story on July 20, 1940, would he have believed it? Or would it have seem too good to be true, too much to hope for a lonely young man 2000 miles away from home and his love? 

I like to think time works the way it does so the goodness was spread over a lifetime.  It's a good reminder to sit back, and enjoy the show as it happens.




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