Monday, May 23, 2011

Dearest Margie: July 20, 1940

Dearest Margie,

I received the records yesterday and they are marvelous. I’m listening to them now, while writing this letter. Thanks a lot, but I’ll save my real thanks until I see you, it doesn’t sound good enough in the letter, or really show you how much I really appreciate them.

There is not much more decided on my itinerary except that I leave the first of September and go to about six of our problem chapters and help them rush. Then I start my regular visitation tour that I hope and believe starts on the Pacific Coast. I’ll buy all of the members of the Supreme Council Zombies before they decide, then maybe I can make them send me there for sure.

Last night I saw ‘My Favorite Wife’ and boy oh boy I know just how he felt. My situation seems just about the same. I love one (guess who?) yet don’t want to hurt the other one. However, everything comes out alright for dear Gary so I know everything will come out all right for us. He was even a lawyer too. And the girl that he loved was a great deal like the one I know, and she wore her hair practically the same was. And the other one was pretty, on the dark side, but the love was just lacking, that certain something that you said was missing and that you were looking for.

Sounds like a story that happened to two people I know in Los Angeles. This was a little different but basically the same. They thought it was so good they would write a story about it. But it looks as though someone else beat them to it. However, they figured the ending out right so now all the two in Los Angeles have to do is wait for the ending to come out right, too. The boy might go crazy waiting but he is patiently waiting (not so patiently but that’s the way the story should sound), and going about his business in a far off city.

This probably doesn’t make sense, I’m not much at story writing. You’ll have to try your hand at it.

I think I will go swimming today for a change. It’s awfully hot now and I sure miss the ocean and especially the waves. Next weekend or the following we might go up the lake shore and stay at a resort a couple of days. That is if we don’t go to Kentucky, we’re still waiting to hear from the chapter there.

Say that’s a good idea to work on Mr. Cope to send you back here. Make a bet with him in Ping Pong and if he loses he has to finance the trip. Tell him your coming back to chaperon Janet. I wonder where she will be there?

Is anything startling happening back there, such as the local gossip and who’s now going with who, etc.? How did the midterms come out? I hope you came out on top, which I know you did. What are you going to get a 3 point or 2.5?

Have you guessed yet who the one is (page 2) I love? If you haven’t I’m ashamed of you. The story seems very clear to me, maybe that’s because I wrote it. Will anyhow the girl in Los Angeles lives at 625 1/2 N. 30th and the boy lives in the far off city, lives temporarily in Evanston, Il at 1856 Sheridan.

So until the girl meets boy in San Francisco, if you see her tell her to be good at least until then, and I’ll tell him to do likewise, which he will do I’m sure. And remember he sends his




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